RoadTwip in Toledo: A Preface

Photo by Bob Bell

Jolie O'Dell and Me (Photo by Bob Bell)

“We’re here!”

“You’re here? Here where?”

“We’re here here. We’re out in front of The Blarney”

“Oh snap! I’ll be right out”

Seconds later, I embraced my friend Jolie O’Dell on Monroe St. in downtown Toledo. After directing Kurty D. and Dingman to my parking garage, Jolie and I entered The Blarney. There were only seven tweeps in attendance, but they gave Jolie a rock star welcome. And rightfully so. She is a rock star.

A few minutes later, the other two RoadTwippers entered the building and the party was finally started just after 9:00 pm. Channel 13 News arrived about an hour later. Fast forward another hour and the Official RoadTwip Toleetup was little more than a memory fresh in all of our minds.

When the gang pulled out of my driveway yesterday afternoon, it was hard to believe that they were leaving already. It felt like they just got there. When I look back on it, I can’t believe that all of the preparation for their arrival occurred on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. Phone calls, text messages, emails, and tweets to friends, acquaintances, and news stations… they all seem like a blur to me now. And for that matter, so does their visit.

I have a lot that I want to say about the RoadTwippers’ visit to Toledo. I mean a lot to say. But at this point, it’s just a random collection of thoughts zipping around in my mind… a confused mess… an imbroglio, if you will (that one’s for you, Apprentice Dingman). Over the next few days, I’d like to gather my thoughts and split them up into two or three posts. I told Bob Bell that I would compile a list of the local attendees, so I wanted to get something up here relatively quickly. I also wanted to at least put up a placeholder for posts to come.

So I guess this post is just a preface to future posts about the shenanigans, friendship, and inspiration that three road-weary travelers provided for a handful of lucky Toledoans in just 19 hours. Stay tuned, gang. If you don’t follow any of the attendees listed below, correct that today. It’s what made all of this possible.


4 thoughts on “RoadTwip in Toledo: A Preface

  1. Dude!

    I can’t wait to come back. I’m talking to lots of people about the opportunities in Toledo, and I think we can work together to make good things happen.

    Talk soon!

  2. @Mike – It was my pleasure. I had a blast. Thanks for coming out!

    @Jolie – I wasn’t kidding. The apartment downtown is all yours when you come back for as long as you want to stay. I’ll make sure there’s coffee creamer and non-alcoholic beer that DOESN’T taste like Dingman’s ass before you come back.

    @Sara – It was good to meet you Monday. Thanks so much for coming out. Oh! Does Fernando have a Twitter account? I was going to list him here, but I couldn’t find his name.

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