Twitter Campaign Analytics Refined

I’m in the process of testing a new tool to help businesses track Twitter campaign analytics called PubliciTweet. The service, currently in beta, was launched earlier today at 140 | The Twitter Conference. Headed by Yahoo! Software Engineer Jaisen Mathai, this new IP aims to “leverage your followers with unique campaigns and tools to track your success.” These tools include graphs and maps to help you determine the precise effectiveness of the campaign. I’ll be using the traffic to this post referred by the PubliciTweet link to explore the depth of these tools.

publicitweetJaisen’s prior projects include Textbook Revolt, a free college textbook exchange. The service utilizes Amazon’s Search API to search by ISBN, title, or author. The site was completed in a mere four weeks. Jason was also a principle on the photo-sharing IP Photagious, a two time winner of Adobe’s Site of the Day award. While Twitter analytics services are popping up like Ashton Kutcher followers, PubliciTweet has the potential to offer a deeper, more accurate look at a campaign’s success.

I’ll be tracking the data that PubliciTweet feeds me from the clicks to this post alone. While it’s certainly not as effective of a measurement as a legitimate business campaign, it will provide me with a deeper understanding of the IP’s mechanics. I’ve spoken to Jaisen about arranging a time to talk a little bit more about PubliciTweet, so my full review will also feature his comments. If you have any specific questions about the service that you’d like me to ask, please feel free to email them to me.


3 thoughts on “Twitter Campaign Analytics Refined

  1. I’ve signed up for publiciTweet, but it seems the tracking and the scheduled sends are not working. I tried on Friday to schedule 2 tweets for over the weekend and they both launched moments after I created the campaigns… also the referrals are not showing up, so all I see is the number of RTs/conversations, but not who is RTing.

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